Friday, November 10, 2006

Fundamentalists Attack Gays

In democratic Israel. Yep fundamentalism once again attacks secular pluralist democratic rights for all. Just like their Arab neighbours do. This is the real meaning of the so called clash of civilizations, the patriarchical state versus secular pluralist human rights. Once again the religious state and the State religion deny human rights. Time to abolish them both.

Police brace for Jerusalem gay rally Independent Online
Jerusalem gay parade canceled Indianapolis Star
Jews and Muslims unite against homosexuals (Daily Telegraph)
Israeli Religious Leaders Show Gay Intolerance (NPR)

Ultra-orthodox Jews at a protest yesterday against the Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem (Pavel Wolberg/EPA)



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Anonymous said...

Interesting paragraphs from Haaretz

"The ultra-Orthodox leaders requested clarifications regarding the parameters of the demonstration, and asked Franco for assurances that the event will be held in a closed and defined area and that the participants will not display any symbol of gay pride outside of the event area.

In addition, the delegation asked that all anti-parade protesters who have been arrested in recent days be released.

According to sources in the ultra-Orthodox community, the sides have reached agreement on all issues with the exception of the release of the protesters and the dropping of all charges against them. The sources said that on that point, the understandings have yet to be finalized."

Yes by all means now that they have won a victory for bigotry lets release those who helped make it so. Apparently violence upon the gay community is smiled upon by god.

An interesting victory for the gay community bringing three major religions together in an orgiastic display of hatred, bigotry, and dogma. *sigh*

eugene plawiuk said...

Once again it becomes clear that our common struggle since the Enlightment is against patriarchy and religion.