Friday, November 10, 2006

Whyte Wash

City to foot Whyte policing bill Why? The bars on Whyte Avenue profited handsomely from the NHL playoffs. They charged more for their booze, they overcrowded their bars, they provided negligable security, and they don't have to pay for policing. The bill should go to the Old Strathcona Hospitality Association, which represents these profiteers and also to the Old Strathcona Business Association. The riots on Whyte were a direct result of their profiteering and they should foot the bill, not taxpayers. How come none of our self-righteous right wingers ,like the folks at the Edmonton Sun, have come to this libertarian conclusion. Instead the right wing business types on city council deny the obvious; “To blame the bar owners for the stuff on Whyte Avenue is a mistake,” said Coun. Mike Nickel. Nope it's not a mistake it is their fault and they should pay.


Whyte Avenue

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