Friday, November 10, 2006

Tax Fairness

Now Flaherty clamps down on offshore tax havens

First income trusts, next tax havens?

About time. Like the Ponzi Income Trusts now the Conservatives are cracking down on the other capitalist tax avoidance scheme, one favoured by Canadian Ruling Class scions like the Irvings and Bronfmans.

Suddenly the Tories have gone from neo-con tax cutters to, shudder, NDP lite Tax Fairness advocates. See what happens when you become the government, your ideology goes out the window replaced by fiscal pragmatism.

I love how Jim Flaherty stands in the House and accuses the Liberals of being the party of Canada's corporate elite sounding like Jack Layton. Truly gives new meaning to being Harpocrites.

Of course this is also the party that campaigned to defend Income Trusts and sucked up to the business lobbies on Bay Street and in Calgary. Now, well they gotta find that money to pay for their income spliting plan for seniors. A plan they stole from Garth Turner whom they turfed. Now Helen Guergis is taking credit for Garths idea.

Jim Flaherty when asked about pension-splitting by reporters, October 2, 2006
“…it’s not a high priority, I can tell you that…”

In their campaign for Tax Fairness the Harpocrites are stealing from the NDP and Turner. They should be sued them for violating intellectual property rights.



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Tax Avoidance

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