Sunday, November 12, 2006

Liberal Or liberal Media

Back in the days when Toronto Sun columnist and right wing nutbar Lubor Zink would rant on about the liberal left media bias he meant 'liberal' veruses 'conservative'. You know like J.S. Mills versus Edmund Burke. Today's Blogging Tory no longer makes such distinctions. They talk about the Liberal Media bias as in Liberal Party of Canada, versus the Harpocrite Conservatives.

They view the corporate boards of the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star as havens of Liberal backroom boys. And they are right. But that is no different than the havens of Conservative backroom boys in the Sun chain or the National Post and the Asper dominated media. But that is not the same thing as liberal or conservative politics, it is PARTY politics. And as such both parties have left and right, liberal and conservative adovactes.

So lets get off our high horses and stop the generalizations about the media and which ideology dominates it. It is one thing to point out the corporate political party interconnections, but to blanketly condemn the media as being too left, too liberal when really speaking of it being Liberal or Conservative is to mix metaphors. The press is the agent of capitalism right or left, liberal or conservative, Liberal Party or Conservative Party. It is a capitalist press and will always defend the status quo.

Which is why I read the Financial and Business Press, they speak the truth about capitalism and power. Whomever they support politically you know will be good for capitalism. And those they oppose may not be bad for capitalism perse but just not as good for their readership.


Media Bias

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