Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Taxpayers Timmies

Here is another example of Canadian state capitalism, or as it is called by the neo-liberals private public partnerships (p3's),regardless of who the New goverment of Canada is.

Who pays for Afghanistan's Tim Hortons? Why you and I do.

The total cost for the first year of operations at Tim Hortons' Kandahar operations was over $3.9 million. And keeping the operation running during the duration of Canada's mission in Afghanistan is estimated to cost as much as $5 million a year. The only major expense Canadians won't be paying is the $450,000 franchise fee, which Global National has learned that Tim Hortons has waived in this particular case.

Ah thats generous of them.

Lets see thats $4.5 mil for us and for Timmies its $.5 mil. And the Tories talk about tax farness and corporations paying their share. Yeah right. And we don't even get shares in Timmes for our investment.

Tim Hortons Inc. Announces Third-Quarter Results; Declares Second Quarterly Dividend

Total revenues were $413.6 million in the third quarter, up 7.1% compared
to $386.1 million in the third quarter of 2005. Rent and royalties revenues
were up 10.5%, in-line with systemwide sales growth of 11.5%(1). Same-store
sales growth momentum continued in the third quarter with Canada increasing by
5.9% and the U.S. increasing by 9.2%.


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