Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's The Environment, Stupid

It's the environment, stupid will be the campaign next election.

With election of Stephane Dion as Leader the Liberals go GREEN.

Dion win signals climate change

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The NDP has made the Environment issue numero uno.

Elizabeth May and the Green Party showed they are contenders in the London byelection race.

Canadians have said the environment is their number one concern, even ahead of traditional first place Health Care. It is the top issue in Quebec, where the BQ have embraced it as their Federal issue.

And the only party not prepared to fight the next election over the environment are the Tories.

So ignore the hoopla with the Blogging Tories and Conservatives saying Dion is no threat. Its not Dion, it's the environment that will bring them down.




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shutterbug78 said...

As a fellow Canadian, I am excited to see what Dion will bring to us. I believe an election will be held and Harper will be out. My hope is that the environmental issues we are facing will be addressed and a plan of action will be put forth and implemented.

eugene plawiuk said...

Are you kidding these guys had 13 years to do something and all they could come up with was voluntary self regulation by industry.....

Anonymous said...

With election of Stephane Dion as Leader the Liberals go GREEN.

You probably meant to say that with the election of Dion, the Liberals TALK of going green. Your previous comment states as much anyways.