Sunday, December 03, 2006

Liberal Blogger Owes Jack An Apology

The Liberal blogger who mis-identifies his politics as Views From The Left, slags Jack Layton, in a style that is typical of the Blogging Tories or Jason Cherniak. He smears Jack for apparently dissing newly elected Liberal Leader Stephane Dion. He lambasts Jack personally, when Jack never said what he is quoted as saying by AVFTL. And he engages in typical over the top rhetoric, attacking a strawman of his own creation;

Next, I want to turn to the baseless and rediculous attempt by those bastions of integrity, the NDP. I want to tell you that I just want to say I used to have a lot of respect for Jack Layton before he just completely lost his mind. The NDP today is a party that is so out of touch with Canada's priorities, they do nothing but scream, shout and protest, but they really don't have any agenda except to throw softball questions to Cabinet Ministers.

So this is what the NDP said

Stephane Dion is an out of touch academic who spent 10 years in a scandal-ridden cabinet.
Can I actually dignify this attack with a response? I'm pretty much speechless, really this attack just doesn't hold any water. You know what I'm just going to say that I'm not even going to dignify this drivel with a response if Mr. Layton wants to actually talk about the issues then fine I'll disprove him but this stupid baseless attack just isn't worth my time.

So I replied in his moderated comments section with this;

Since you didn't bother to link to the NDP site which you are quoting here is what Jack actually said.

"I want to congratulate St├ęphane Dion on his election as the new leader of the Liberal Party. I am looking forward to debating with him and getting to work on the issues that are important to today’s families.

“Public service is a noble calling. All who are willing to dedicate their lives to serving Canada should be congratulated.”

That is a damn polite non-partisan statement. Get yer facts straight if you are going to slander someone for your own partisan political purposes.

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Anonymous said...

Referring to an NDP ebulletin sent out after Dions win yesterday. Which was a pretty low for the ND. BTW, nice pop-ups there, Marxist. Way to have a revolution, eh.

eugene plawiuk said...

Stil problems with pop ups eh, well thank the Libertaian Bloggers link I have which seems to be the source...damn for the ebulletin, it may have been an NDP party statement but it wasn't Jacks...As for Marxists making money what is that a sin? Who better to understand capitalism than marxists....

Anonymous said...

The quote is accurate. I suspect it is still on

The quote really stood out for me too, because it was so anti-intellectual.

Anonymous said...

Unintellectual? So, Dion has been in cabinet for 10 years. Tell me one thing he did for the environmnet, and the postive effects it had? Nothing! If he actually did something, we'd be seeing results, and the Liberals would have never gotten the boot.

eugene plawiuk said...

Robedger you quote Layton on your blog from his Convention speech and his press release from yesterday which I quote says the same thing. So when it comes to Quoting Jack, lets quote him and not a NDP press release, which is not written nor attributed to him. Nor which I can find on the NDP website..... And as for your comment on your blog that he will regret his convention comments, which were complimentary, if cheeky, towards Dion, well he didn't.

ravijo said...

Does it matter? I mean even with "out of touch academic" comment (which is indeed up on, what position is the Liberal party in to take offense at attacks. The Liberals themselves are not clean.

They will consistently blame the NDP for collapsing the government, calling the NDP hypocrites. As someone who devotes my life to the causes the NDP pushes for, I take more offense to THAT than Dion likely takes offence by these comments. Again, does it really matter?