Sunday, December 03, 2006

Black Shirts

For the Morton campaign it was all about Black and White, the politics of extremism and polarization.

As always, his supporters at the Alberta Aviation Museum wore black “I’m supportin’ Morton” shirts and buttons.

They remind me of those other 'Black Shirts'. Mortons politics are right wing, not libertarian, though he tried to appeal to libertarians to support him. He is a fascist, albeit a friendly one. Black Shirts, extreme right wing politics, and the unwavering politics of Alberta Uber Alles. Says it all.

Will his supporters pull a Putsch? Nah they will just shift to the Alberta Alliance and other rump right wing parties calling for Alberta Seperation.
Nationalism is always the home of the right. Look at the Federal Conservatives, who supported the Quebec Nation motion. Harpers spokesman was the Quebec Pure Laine Minister Laurence Cannon.

And Morton made strange allies in this race. Well not strange for fascists, like the Nazi's whose hatred of gays was only matched by their fear of Jews.

We've all heard that old cliche about politics making strange bedfellows. But there are few couplings more odd in the race to succeed Ralph Klein as Tory leader and premier than the one between Ted Morton and the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada.On Wednesday, the Morton campaign proudly issued a press release announcing the support of the Calgary-based council, and its leader, Syed Soharwardy.

But Soharwardy, whose views have been disavowed by more mainstream Muslim leaders, has made headlines for years with his provocative political views.

In a newspaper article in 2000, Soharwardy wrote that what the Israelis have done to the Palestinians "is worse than the Holocaust of World War II."

In an interview with the Calgary Herald in August, he termed the Israeli bombings of Lebanon an act of genocide. In the past, he's also accused the United States of committing genocide in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In January 2005, after the devastating tsunami, Soharwardy accused Christian missionaries of kidnapping Muslim children in Indonesia. Last year, he called for a boycott of The Da Vinci Code, calling the film blasphemous. He's also been a strong proponent of introducing traditional Islamic sharia law to Canada for Muslim family arbitration.

And what exactly got Morton and Soharwardy into bed together?

Homosexuality, of course.

Morton's press people say Soharwardy supports their candidate because of Morton's stand against gay marriage and in defence of traditional family values.

Ted Morton lost the PC leadership race, but his right wing friendly fascist ideology still found rich soil in Alberta's South, which rivals the American south as a Confederacy of Dunces, where like winter wheat it will sprout up again. With new black shirts whose slogan is Alberta Uber Alles.


Conservative Leadership Race

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Aaron Unruh said...

What a sad and transparent attempt to gain attention.

I suppose that you expect me to be outraged and link to you?

eugene plawiuk said...

Nope I just expect you to be outraged.

Anonymous said...

Black shirts ?
But I thought Hitler always wore a brown shirt.
Black boots Black boots not a black shirt.
I''m sure you mean Brown shirts the colour of the German socialist campaign headed by Adolf Hitler who's party won election to and he to Chancellor of Germany in 1933, I believe.
I'm so confused.

eugene plawiuk said...

Black shirts were representative of the British Union of Fascists under Oswald Mosley, the Ted Morton of his day. And by the Italian and Spainish Fascists. As well as by the SS. The Brown Shirts were originally Rohms stormtroopers.

Anonymous said...

Your picture is of Hitler not Rhoms stormtroopers, Hitler always wore a brown shirt the SS may have worn black shirts but I would have to check that.
Perhaps you have been watching to much black and white TV I prefer colour since it first came out some thirty plus years ago.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record I "googled" for SS and checked the colour images.
SS officers and all Nazi's wore Brown Shirts not Black Shirts Eugene.
The same colour as the jacket your wearing in that photo.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

You can't name a single homosexual imprisoned by the Nazis, so why don't you take this fallacious sodomist garbage and stuff it?

Anonymous said...

The Nazis didn't like communists and jews "love child". The rumour I've heard is that some of them were homosexual and yes some homosexuals were imprisoned by Nazis as were some Catholics.Why does everything revolve around homosexuals with you racists I just don't understand it.

eugene plawiuk said...

A gotcha FaCLC Rohm who led the Brownshirts and was killed in the Night of the Long Knives was accussed of sodomy, the excuse for the purge.
Do check the link to the Wikipedia article.
And as far as sodomites go most heterosexuals fall under that definition, if they engage in oral sex.

eugene plawiuk said...

Blank57 you are correct the use of the Hitler picture was not the image that portrays the historic fascist black shirts so I have changeed it, to what I think Morton really represents, a revival of Mosely and the Britsh Fascist movement.