Saturday, December 23, 2006

MacKay Gets Personal With Rice

It's still a cougar twink relationship between Peter MacKay and Condi Rice. He begged, she relented.

US Homeland Security secretary reviewing Arar case

She just didn't show him their evidence.

Naive boy. Walked away with an assurance that the cheque was in the mail.

While off stage Stephen Harper blustered and bluffed in an attempt to look tough.
Harper blames Arar delay on US's denial of error

Democrats in the U.S. Senate did him one better because they can be tough on Bush. Key Democrat Wants To Know Why Arar Still Barred From US

Of course so far all that the Tories have done is practiced Tough Love with the Bushites. Embarassed over having called Arar a terrorist as the Official Opposition they hardly can be demanding and holier than thou with the White House.

Gee I thought we 'shared' intelligence information with our allies, including the Americans. I guess the need for them to share with us is precluded by their need for National Security as Rice and Wilkins said in no uncertain terms.

If our macho PM wanted to be really tough, he would kick out the FBI operatives in Canada who are operating without our permission under mandate of their National Security policy. After all they are not obliged to share with us the information they get from their operations in Canada. That is a matter of US internal National Security.



Peter MacKay


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