Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ms Claus Gets No Coin

Here is another reason why we need a social wage in Canada, one that would include wages for housework. Single family tax credits are for the rich, we need a real living wage for all workers including homeworkers.

Deck the halls with unpaid labour

For a certain Bethlehem-born babe, seasonal swag is all about gold, frankincense and myrrh. But for personal saviours closer to home - namely, Canadian moms - a new survey suggests the more appropriate gift is $10,017.

That's what the average mother would collect if her holiday efforts were remunerated in current market terms, according to data from Service Canada and the British drugstore giant Boots.

The five-figure payday draws from a British survey of 2,000 mothers of children age 16 and younger, each of whom was polled on the number of holiday hours she spends wearing 11 seasonal hats: costume designer, craftsperson, personal shopper, event planner, financial manager, public relations officer, interior designer, chef, chauffeur, nanny and housekeeper. Compensation was then determined using Canadian labour market information from Service Canada for each of the jobs.


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