Thursday, December 21, 2006

We're Number One, We're Number One,

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So this may be why this happened.

Not only do we have some of the highest home computer usage in the world, just behind Finland and Norway, (baby its cold outside, I think I'll go surfing) we have the highest usage of the internet. It now appears we also have most bloggers.

So depite all the brouhaha down south about the impact of political bloggers, their public penetration is minimal whereas ours is far greater. Which means not only in blogging, but all aspects of the new media on the internet. Have computer will surf. And Canadians do.

Over the last couple of days many of us blogging, have said the Federal NDP needs to change and transform its communications approach to the DIY reality of the WWW. And while many blog comments focused on the Director of Communications, which was the spark that lit the prairie fire, it really was all about feeling like we are in the hinterland.

Battling the Blogging Tories and Liberalblogs, in a thankless battle to get the messaging out with little or no support from the party. Rather blogging gets short shrift and disdain from its top strategy and communications wonk.

In light of this information the least they could do is create a blog. Then in a few years they will figure out aggregators.

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