Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Edmonton Person Of The Year

So there I was in Hudson's on Whyte the very same watering hole where Rona Ambrose and Rahim Jaffer celebrated their election victories last year. And who should stare out at me from the newstand but Rona on the cover of SEE magazine, a local free weekly.

She made it as their Person of the Year for 2006

They included a tell tale photo of the Environment Minister touring her riding during the election in her new SUV. That says alot.

Which is why she is last years news. This year she will be gone from that portfolio quicker than you can say Global Warming.

And though she represents a suburban riding, she lives in Edmonton, in Old Strathcona in fact. Which is why she and her pal Jaffer hang out at trendy Whyte Avenue bars, allegedly before, during and after elections.



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