Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I Smell Election

I maintain that there will be no Federal election before the Fall.

Some of the Sunday News Pundits on CTV QP agree with me.

What we all agree on is that there will be an election in 2007.

When is the question, but there is no doubt 2007 is going to be a Federal election year. The cat is out of the bag.

Watching QP from CTV Regina an ad popped up from the Conservative MP for Palliser, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Not paid for by the Government nor the Conservative Party, but paid for by the Committe to Elect
Dave Batters - Member of Parliament - Palliser

And it was identified as such, with the Campaign manager listed on the ad.
Just like a real Election ad.

Yep I smell election in the air.



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BlueBerry Pick'n said...

Such a foolish notion, but you KNOW Progressive Canadians are gonna FALL for it.

The Democratic drama with our Southern Cousins is undeniably fashionable.

But Progressives are in the MOST powerful position possible in a highly unstable economic & ecological tipping point. What we have to remember are our ETHICS. That Canada is NOT a stepping stone for greater economic powers. WE are THE economic GREEN country of North America. We will not be pillaged.
We will not have our UNIONS intimidated by US Trade policy.
We will not have our immigration dictated, but carefully examined & treated with an eye to social integrity.

We can fix HealthCare.
We can fix EnergyReform.
We can fix WaterPolicy.
We can fix NASCO.

But only if we PAY ATTENTION to the cards we hold. & what our Trading Partners want.

We hold the reins & we have a Prime Miinister with the cojones to tell Bush to get fucked.
Finally, Bush is on the run.
Finally, Canada can clean up this horrible mess is Afghanistan.
By being PROUD to wear a NATO emblem. By being proud to be the image of a Mountie.

Intelligently. Ethically.

We got Trust Fund reform, we got a minimum wage increase... we are holding the cards. We hold more allure for China now than the US does.

The same company that holds the US ports is courting Halifax (christ, they played the 'you're an ignorant Hillbilly peasant' routine & the Halifax designate completely folded)

We owe a safe, clean, democratic & integrated, WHOLESOME Canada.
We owe it to ourselves & the World.

Free of greed & corporatism.
BigPharm corruption. BigOil corruption. FalseFood & FalseJournalism.
Green & Participative.

we can do it, if we pay attention.

Spread Love...
... but wear the Glove!

BlueBerry Pick'n
can be found @
"Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced"

eugene plawiuk said...

The previous post was an unpaid commercial for This Canadian. In the future please forward $$$ for using my comment space to promote yourself. Thanks.