Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Knight Of The Long Knives

This is from a Blogging Tory.... But what to do about Peter MacKay? It may now be safe politically for Harper to dump one of the weakest links in Cabinet, or if not to punt him from Cabinet, to shuffle him somewhere where he can do less harm than in Foreign Affairs.

You can literally hear the knives being sharpened now as the Cabinet Shuffle begins in earnest on the good ship Tory Titanic.

As for Pete being harmful in Foreign Affairs, I think not.

I am afraid his political optics have been all about his Affiars this year.
And at least one of his alleged affairs has been with a Foreigner. So I would say he has made Foreign Affairs his own.

Between bitching out Belinda and sucking coffee with Condi, he has been a busy heterosexual male, living up to his first name.

Perhaps he could replace Bev Oda as Minister in Charge of the Status Of Women, since Womens Equality is no longer included in the mandate. That would would be poetic justice it would make him Belinda's bitch.

But seriously though, will he get the knife in the back this Blogging Tory is predicting.?

If so that will spell the death of the last political link to the PC legacy in the party. And then Harper and the crew can get about carrying out their Reform Party agenda.


Peter MacKay


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