Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ho Hum

Well I watched the much hyped new CBC 'comedy' Little Mosque on the Prairie, a pale imitation of CTV's very successful Corner Gas.

Little Mosque has been getting buzz for weeks, with everyone from the BBC to CNN running items on the comedy, the creation of Muslim filmmaker Zarqa Nawaz.The CBC, struggling terribly in the ratings, had a lot invested in the show and promoted it with uncharacteristic cash and vigour, including an event at downtown Toronto's Dundas Square last week that featured free chicken shawarma and a band of friendly camels.
Amatuer, banal, boring, snorefest, are terms that come to mind. That and it seriously needed a laugh track so we can follow the jokes. There were jokes?

And lots of references to Toronto proving it was produced in the very town that loves to hate itself, folks out west could care less about Toronto. Filmed in the backlot of a Toronto studio, which should be no surprize since the only thing CBC does out West is a Newsworld Broadcast from Calgary.

Will this show survive? Perhaps, since it will appeal to its Toronto audience. The rest of us are of course insensitive hicks as the show painfully tried to parody.

I don't see this playing on the screens at my favorite Spice Palace all you can eat buffet in Millwoods. Yep no Muslims out west. Except that the first Mosque in Canada was not in Toronto, or Montreal but in Edmonton.

And by the by last time I checked
shawarma is a Lebanese dish. And last time I checked the Lebanese community in Canada has as many Druze and Christians as it does Muslims.

Now what they should have served if they were really on the prairies is Shai Butter Chicken.




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