Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mr Harper Forgets Redmonton

The Conservatives think they have Alberta sewn up. I guess they forgot about Redmonton.

As the Edmonton Journal editorial on the new Harper Cabinet points out.

A more conventional leader might have worried that Edmontonians, who used to boast the country's deputy prime minister, might feel they are being taken for granted -- surely an odd thing for a minority government to do to a city with small margins of victory for Conservative MPs, and a past record of electing Liberals and even New Democrats.

But this possibility doesn't seem to have occurred to Harper, who has barely set foot in Edmonton since his election, and who obviously feels all Albertans will be equally thrilled to have a third Calgarian, and a fourth MP from Southern Alberta, articulating the aspirations of their province in Ottawa.

Will Edmontonians feel that Kenney, a social conservative from Calgary, is as good an extra voice for them in Ottawa as one of the talented alternatives in the city or elsewhere north of Highway 1?

This is the second time Redmonton has been passed over for any cabinet posts.

And speaking of
potential cabinet choices has anyone seen Rahim Jaffer anywhere? Nope missing in action, something we all know about in Edmonton Strathcona.

Once a prominant critic in opposition he is now just another pretty face on the arm of newly minted Parliamentary Secretary
Helena Guergis. Having been the token Muslim in the Conservatives even that is now a passing claim to fame.

And Laurie Hawn, who fought so hard (twice) to replace the Liberal Deputy PM
Anne McLellan, is still cooling his jets in the backbenches when he could have replaced the geriatric mouthpiece for the military industrial establishment as Minister of Defense.

And what of long suffering and long bearded backbencher Peter Goldring, who could have been made a Secretary of State for the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Yep lots of possibilities there but none to be had.

Unless you accept Rona Ambrose as being from Edmonton since she lives in Old Strathcona, but of course she represents Spruce Grove which Edmonton has not yet annexed.

Redmonton is not in the bag for the Tories.

Linda Duncan
is running against Jaffer for a second time after her excellent showing last election.

Nicole Martel may run against Goldring again, she too did well last election.

And what of Anne McLellan, might she decide to try and make it another landslide?

Given the Tories dismissal of womens issues, the environment, social justice, and its attacks on the Wheat Board the election should any of these three candidates run and win it would be sweet revenge for Redmonton and a lesson for Harper.



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Werner Patels said...

I don't think that Anne will make another run federally. If anything, she might try to take the leadership of the Alberta Liberal Party away from ineffectual and dull Kevin Taft (who is rumoured to be up for a leadership review this year - FINALLY!!!!).

As for all the other points raised, who would not agree? Harper has taken a lot of things for granted, and I know even right here in Calgary, more and more people are turning away from him and his party, because he's been a major disappointment even to lifelong Conservative voters in Southern Alberta.

eugene plawiuk said...

Harper has taken Alberta for granted. period.