Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Return Of Internment Camps

In Alberta,and across Canada, during the dirty thirties under the Bennett Buggy Conservatives unemployed single men were not granted relief, that is a dollar a day payments that predated unemployment insurance.

Instead they were rounded up and placed in internment camps, called relief camps but which were concentration camps by any other name, run by the Army. They were used for building roads, clearing brush etc. just as internees during WWI had been.

They led to the radicaliztion of the unemployed and the historic revolt in the camps that led to the famous On To Ottawa Trek.

I wonder if this is being considered by these nice folks in Calgary
as a solution to homelessness; gather up the homeless and ship them out. Calgary To Become First Homeless Free City?

After all R.B. Bennett was from Calgary just like our current PM.

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