Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kinsella Is A Sexist Pig

Why are folks supplying Warren Kinsella with a list of their all time favorite 'smart women' bloggers after he proved himself a SEXIST PIG with his top ten list comment;


Yes he did scream that loud. And yes he did say smart. As in not a moron as he likes to call some of us, female or male. Oh yes and he likes to call folks crypto-fascists and anti-semites.

Gee Warren I guess that makes you a DUMB MALE BLOGGER for such a stupid sexist statement.

Is it because Warren is a rock star? A columnist with the National Pest? A nice guy? The biggest egoist in the Canadian Blogosphere after Kate at SDA?

Nope its because he is a Liberal and his top ten list was all fellow Liberals and most of the response is coming from fellow Liberalbloggers whom he insulted by his ignorance, his ignorant list and whom he ignored.

He made a sexist list and then made a feeble attempt to excuse the fact that he FAILED TO INCLUDE MORE THAN ONE WOMAN BLOGGER ON HIS TOP TEN LIST. And she is an obscure one at that.

And instead of being blasted for his sexist attitude is inundated with faint praise and lists of favorite female bloggers. Go figure.



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Polly Jones said...

He won't be getting a list from this dummy.

eugene plawiuk said...

That proves you're no dummy

SUZANNE said...

I'm not a fan of Warren Kinsella, but just because he thinks there needs to be more smart female bloggers doesn't mean he's a sexist.

It could mean he doesn't read widely.

It could mean he doesn't recognize some of the blogs he reads are run by women. I didn't know London Fog or Idealist Pragmatist or Vues d'ici was run by women-- I don't read them regularly, but I never really thought they were run by women-- it didn't occur me to wonder.

It doesn't mean he thinks the bloggers that are already out there are dumb.

Maybe he just doesn't like the blogs out there that are run by women.

catnip said...

Here's what I wrote in response to similar criticism at my blog for putting my list together:

I simply took up his challenge to prove that there are, in fact, lots of smart female bloggers out here. I couldn't let that chance pass on behalf of all of us. I'm not looking for his - or anyone's - approval.

As for the fact that it's Kinsella's list, I frequently disagree with his opinions (sorry Warren but I do) and if I'd caught a question like that posed by any other blogger (male or female), I would have posed the same challenge here. It's not about who he is. It's about who we are.

And I thought you knew I was a non-partisan, small "l" liberal.

I've read through about 30 blogs by Canadian females today and I have many more to go through. That's been to my benefit and this list will be very difficult for me to narrow down to ten.

You see this as standing side by side with Kinsella. I don't.

kurichina said...

And instead of being blasted for his sexist attitude is inundated with faint praise and lists of favorite female bloggers. Go figure.

Using that logic, I guess I can interpret your joining Opinions Canada as faint praise for the anti-choice movement?

catnip said...

(I have a headache.) Opinions Canada is not an anti-choice aggregator, right? That's not the impression I got when I agreed to join.

SUZANNE said...

No, Opinions Canada is open to blogs of all political stripes, but I run it.

eugene plawiuk said...

I think Kurchina was aiming that shot at me. Well I also belong to the Canadian Blog Exchange does that make me anti-choice? Since Suzanne and her fetus fetish folks also post there.
And I think catnip that building a list of women bloggersis fine, it was emailing Warren about it which gave him more credence than he deserves.... note that Warren did NOT include Kate, even though her blog is one of the most popular on the right, and for a while there they had a bit of a love in with each other bashing the Martin Liberals....he called her a crypto-fascist...And since his blog list was full of friends and relatives I wonder if the only female blog he posted about is a relative or pal.

kurichina said...

Opinions Canada is not an anti-choice aggregator, right

No, but as SUZANNE says, it's run by an anti-choice zealot.

If, as Eugene says, participating in anything Kinsella related amounts to standing with Kinsella (Note that I do not necessarily agree with that) then participating in anything SUZANNE related amounts to standing with an anti-choice zealot.

The Canadian Blog Exchange isn't a good analogy, Eugene, because it isn't moderated by a rabid anti-choicer as far as I know. Actually, as far as I know, it isn't moderated at all really.

Basically, I'm not indicting everyone who joined Opinions Canada, but if this "fly with the crows" logic applies to Kinsella then it has to apply to SUZANNE as well.

eugene plawiuk said...

I was not saying responding to Kinsella was standing with him so I don't know where you get that from. I did point out that in the Liberalblogosphere he missed women bloggers. And I still say using the term smart is a prejorative, and sexist.

As for Opinions Canada, I belong to a variety of blog aggregators, and I get comments from bloggers I vehemently oppose, but am libertarian enough to choose to debate them then just delete them.