Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Conservative Copyright Infringement

Opps guess we might not be seeing the Conservative attack ads on the Superbowl after all.

Conservative attack ads fired at Liberal Leader Stephane Dion may end up sideswiping the ruling party after questions were raised about possible breach of copyright laws.

The television ads, which began airing Monday, use footage from last fall's Liberal leadership debates to deliver the message that the new Grit leader is weak, indecisive and an environmental failure.

But that footage belongs to a consortium of TV networks which pooled their resources to provide live coverage of the debates. The Cable Public Affairs Channel provided the pool camera for each debate.

The networks are now looking into how the Conservatives obtained the debate footage for their ads.

Van Dusen said he is not aware of any request by the Tory party to buy or use any portion of the debate videos.

"It would come through me and I certainly don't remember ever getting a request," he said, adding that he "would've said no" if he had received a request.

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