Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Who Is He Signalling

The death of sex workers in Edmonton has given rise to theories of a serial killer, or killers.

I think it may be the case of the latter.

Since this creep has been busted for two of the deaths of young inner city women, you have to ask who is he signalling to keep silent, or assuring he will be silent.

He made a pointed effort to make sure the media filmed him doing this.



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Richard said...

Why do you call them "sex workers" instead of using the proper term "prostitutes"?

Anonymous said...

Why do you call them "prostitutes" instead of the proper term "sex workers"?

Prostitution is an archaic term for something that someone does, it is NOT who someone 'IS'. Your desire to call a person a 'prostitute' demeans them and contributes to the denigration of them, to the point that they end up being the target of psycho serial killers. Your way is primitive and archaic.

eugene plawiuk said...

Well said.