Sunday, March 11, 2007

Achoo Cough Wheeze Hack Hack

I have a bad bout of bronchitis and a cold /flu so I am not blogging over the weekend. You have been warned, so I hope you don't catch it from reading this....

No,no. thats another kind of virus...I am hacking but not a hacker, well I guess I am literally a hacker if I hack hack , cough cough.....right, see what I mean I can't think straight....

In fact the inside of my head feels like this;

Some folks who read this blog would say
that's how it works normally.

But then they think I am sick , and not just this weekend.

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leftdog said...

Stay off your feet and get well soon. I had the same thing a few weeks back - I hated the 'shivery' part.

Drink lots of fluids ... whatever works!

Mike said...

Stay in bed and just sleep. That's the only way.

Get well buddy.