Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bye Joe, will Wappel Go?

Well Dion turfed Joe Commuzi out of caucus for simply announcing he is supporting the Conservative Budget. No great loss, he also stepped down as a Cabinet Minister when Paul Martin whipped the cabinet for the Same Sex Marriage vote. He is a member of the conservative rump of the Liberals.

Now what are the Liberals going to do about their other conservative backbencher Tom Wappel? He who voted with the government on Same Sex Marriage and more recently on the Anti-Terrorism Act;

In late February, Ontario MP Tom Wappel broke ranks and voted with the Conservative government on extending two clauses in the Anti-Terrorism Act. However, the Liberals never announced any punishment for Wappel. Dion called it an internal caucus matter.

Dion's weakness as a Leader is showing. Both these votes, the Budget and Anti-Terrorism Act were whipped votes. And he turfed Commuzi even before he actually voted whereas he did nothing after Wappel did vote with the government.

Wappel unrepentant for defying Dion on vote

Renegade Liberal will face unspecified “consequences” for defying Dion

But it seems that Dion only applies discipline to those who are not intending to run again, like Commuzi.

Of course consistency is the bugaboo of the Dion regime.




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