Friday, May 04, 2007

Bev Oda's Midnight Madness

Bev Oda is the Conservative State Nanny;

You know that Midnight Madness Sidewalk Sale at your local mall, well she now defines that as part of Canadian Culture, and says it qualifies for a grant from the Conservative Government. No really.

Taxpayer sponsored sales on socks, toilet paper, those little coin purses, etc. etc.

This is as dumb as their funding lung cancer.

House of Commons: Issue 146, May 3, 2007

Canadian Heritage

Mr. Charlie Angus (Timmins—James Bay, NDP):

Mr. Speaker, newspapers in the heritage minister's own riding have raised the question of abuse of office over this new sponsorship boondoggle. They point out that three weeks ago the minister went to the Lake Scugog Council to talk about how to spend the $30 million in festival funding. At the same time, she was telling the member for Windsor West that she had no idea of the festival funding. It gets worse. When confronted by local journalists, she suggested that a local midnight madness sale was a prime example of a good festival.

Are we talking federal dollars for a sidewalk sale? What kind of pork barrel bamboozle is she trying to pull?

Hon. Bev Oda (Minister of Canadian Heritage and Status of Women, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, once again, we have that member making false accusations on unfounded speculation. When I appeared before council, I explained that we indicated an intent for a festival program in the budget. I was very proud to share elements of our budget with my local council.

I also explained that we were doing a consultation for many types of festivals, such as midnight madness, and looking for criteria so we could meet the needs of the communities, not only in my riding but across the country.

Mr. Charlie Angus (Timmins—James Bay, NDP):
Mr. Speaker, is she consulting with The Brick, Leon's and Zellers as well? Her problem is that she cannot keep her storyline straight.

Last October, for example, she relied on a senior broadcast executive to raise political funds on the eve of a major broadcast review. In that scandal she had to cancel the fundraiser and the Treasury Board president committed that every cheque would be sent back. Now we find out that a whole series of cheques from last October were cashed, and the list reads like a who's who of the broadcast industry.

It is the Pinocchio principle. The more she talks, the worse it gets. Why will she not just come clean with the House and say why she did—

Lake Scugog Township is a condo/retirement/lakeside community in Port Perry.
And yes its true their big festival is the annual Midnight Madness sale.

For those seeking a lifestyle low in maintenance and high in convenience, Burnham Place opens in late November. This adult lifestyle community encompasses one- and two-bedroom low-rise condominium suites nestled onto a quiet downtown Port Perry street lined with mature trees. From this ideal spot, residents will be able to walk to shopping, amenities, Palmer Park and Lake Scugog. During the summer, a little league baseball game, an ice cream sundae at Dairy Queen or the Midnight Madness sale on Queen Street are just a leisurely stroll away.


Conservative Nanny State

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Cliff said...

Thanks for the link - blatant isn't she?

son of gaia said...

That's not only bonkers, it's also downright scary. But then again, you may remember that years ago Ananda & I were told we could no longer run an Earth Day tent devoted to Gaian spirituality and politics - that only registered non-profits and green product promotion tents would be allowed...

If environmental activism can be defined as business opportunities, why can't retail sales be defined as culture? We truly live in Surreal Times.