Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tories Promote Lung Cancer

The most common form of cancer associated with smoking is lung cancer. And women suffer from lung cancer more than men.

And women and girls smoke more than men and boys.

Remember this;
Oda insists her government will instead fund organizations and programs she says more directly affect women.

I guess that explains why the Tories gave a half million they saved from cuts to the Status of Women to Big Tobacco.

After all cigarette smoking directly affects women.

And they could say they were promoting women in politics;

Sources said the break -- worth about $500,000 -- is aimed at the constituency of Immigration Minister Diane Finley, who is thought to be in some danger of losing the next election.

Yes, I know I could have said this was classic pork barrel politics but Olaf said it so much better.

And the Tories are once again on message;

"It's an issue of tax fairness," said Dan Miles, communications director for Mr. Flaherty.

We all know what that means.





Status of Women

Bev Oda

Tory Cuts

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1 comment:

JimBobby said...

Whooee! GeneFeller, I recorded me a song 'bout the handouts gummints is given t' the tobacky farmers an' posted it up t' my boog today. It's t' teh tune o' Murray McLauchlin's Farmer Song but it's the Tobacco Farmer Song.

Finey's my MP, btw.