Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Buzz the Protectionist

First he sucked up to the Liberals now he is sucking up to the Conservatives. Despite his 'I am more socialist than you' rants, Buzz Hargrove is simply a good old fashioned protectionist. But now the Tories like his protectionism, whereas they opposed him over Free Trade, and will again as they try an pass a bilateral free trade deal with Korea which he opposes. Strange bedfellows indeed.

Buzz Hargrove agreeing with the Conservatives and the Conservatives agreeing with Buzz Hargrove?

Maybe there is something funny with the environment after all.

But Buzz and the Tories think the only thing that's funny is with the crazy so-called environmentalists' ravenous quest for pushing Global Warming Doom -- all at the cost of the Canadian economy.

"Everybody is chasing this new idol called the environment without any thought of how we got here," the CAW president said yesterday. "I am not buying the argument myself."

But he does believe tens of thousands of jobs will be lost if the movement continues at this pace. "I think people have to recognize this problem is serious," he said.

And it's not global warming he's referring to. It's a Canada and Ontario without an auto industry he's worried about. If Al Gore and David Suzuki get their way, Buzz said, this very well could be the result. "The rhetoric is worrisome," he said. "We have got everything working against us right now."

Unrealistic environmental goals, unfair trade deals and out of control inflation don't add up to good times for automakers --not to mention related industries.

But the Tories, said Buzz, get that. And their plan is a proper response.

"It's realistic. They understand it is going to have to be a long-term solution that will take some time," he said.

He thought Al Gore's comments that the plan the Tories introduced was a "fraud" was out of line.

"I think John Baird is right on the money," said Hargrove. "Al Gore was vice-president for eight years and in the senate before that where they voted against (environmental reforms). So I don't know where he gets his credentials to come in here and lecture."

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1 comment:

janfromthebruce said...

The BUZZ is in a rock and hard place. Although he worked with Green Peace, NDP, to put together a green car strategy, he left this group to desperately forge an alliance with the libs who he thought would win the last election.

But with the change in leadership, and the libs partnership with the Greens, his ship is now looking for any port in the storm.

BUZZ should know that his new bedmates are quite willing to knife him in the back.

Personally, his best move would be to go back to the green car strategy.

The BUZZ is also in a hard place, because he has no power over the corporate world of the big three. So he can't make them create green transportation that his CAW workers would build. When I say green transportation, it is not just limited to cars, but bigger and more ecologically friendly forms of transportation.

Living in rural, I don't have many options for transportation, so it would be sweet, if my family could drive an electric car powered on clean electric energy, and built by the Canadian auto workers.