Saturday, May 26, 2007

Murtha Right On

Here is the reason America needs a time line for withdrawal, since even with the current funding it cannot provide the necessary protection for troops already there. Which of course is the same problem Canada is having in Afghanistan.

The system for delivering badly needed gear to Marines in Iraq has failed to meet many urgent requests for equipment from troops in the field, according to an internal document obtained by The Associated Press.

Of more than 100 requests from deployed Marine units between February 2006 and February 2007, less than 10 percent have been fulfilled, the document says. It blamed the bureaucracy and a "risk-averse" approach by acquisition officials.

"Process worship cripples operating forces," according to the document. "Civilian middle management lacks technical and operational currency."

The document lists 24 examples of equipment urgently needed by Marines in Iraq's Anbar province. One, the mine resistant ambush protected vehicle, has received attention as a promising way to protect troops from roadside blasts, the leading killer of U.S. forces in Iraq.

After receiving a February 2005 urgent request approved by Hejlik for nearly 1,200 of the vehicles, the Marine Corps instead purchased improved versions of the ubiquitous Humvee.

As Murtha said, and he should know.

"Every administration, Republican and Democrat, for 25 to 30 years had listened to (Murtha) on military matters until this administration," Iacocca said. "Murtha voted to go to war in Iraq, but as the years passed he got upset about the disastrous course of the war. He's now calling for our troops to come home."

Congress knowingly throws billions at graft, incompetence
When the president and his complicit Congress say America must support the troops, what they really mean is we must give the appearance of supporting the troops, and in fact write a blank check for military contractors and a growing private military that, like the president, suffers no accountability.

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