Sunday, September 02, 2007

Liberal Party Song

Along with their new official mascot and dance the Liberal Party could adopt this as their anthem.

The Puffin Song
Copyright 1990 by Tom Knight

I'm not like the penguin, don't confuse me with ducks
I'm dressed for dinner in my finest fancy tux
My beak it is pretty, my feathers are fine
Long time ago, the hunters wanted mine

Call me a Puffin, 'cuz that's my name
I live on an island just off the coast of Maine
But I wasn't born here, I was brought by a man
And now my burrow is here on Egg Rock Island

Come fly with me
Fly across the sea
Come fly with me
Puffins we will be

My brothers and sisters, my lovely wife
We like to gather, we love the social life
A picnic for puffins, a tasty old treat
I hope you like fish, it's our favorite thing to eat (Chorus)

And here is an exercise they could try at their next caucus meeting.
An original dramatic action song – “Underwater World” – proved the perfect
opportunity for all age groups to work together.

" For a Puffin likes nuthin',
more than tasty fish,
And a beak thats full for stuffin',
is every Puffin's wish."

The value of this sharing was soon apparent. The children
worked in mixed age groups and the P3 seaweeds (7-8 year olds) were
soon swaying as gracefully as the P7 ones (11-12 year olds). The P1 shoals
of fish (5-6 year olds) were shown how to twist and wriggle by their older
brothers and sisters, and the young puffins took no time at all to copy the
older ones in tossing sandeels in their beaks, while waddling around the
stage! There was a great sense of togetherness and of each individual
contribution being an important part of the whole

For their next convention they could invite the Puffins to play.

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