Sunday, September 02, 2007

Puffin Dance

Now that the Liberals have adopted the Puffin as their official mascot their Great Leader does the Puffin Dance.

After all the Puffin is known as the "clown of the sea,"

Yes, yes I know this photo is already controversial.

However to be fair and balanced here are some more goofy politician photo's.

I guess that was Day doing his

Stanfield imitation.

And of course who can ever forget this.
The Queen of the BBQ circuit
before he became King.

Apparently it's a Liberal Leader tradition
to also be the Minister of Dance.
Pierre does the pirouette.

H/T to Engaged Spectator.

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1 comment:

leftdog said...

My favourite part of Liberals doing their 'Puffin' dance is the part where they try to hide all of their poop!