Saturday, September 01, 2007

He's Off His Meds, Again

Werner Patels that is.

It appears he has gone off on one of his multiple-blog-personality psychotic tirades again attacking various bloggers including some of those whom he had praised only months ago.

Just scroll down this aggregate of his posts here.

Here are response from those he attacked or have commented on his attacks.

Herr Patels has gone from being a blogging pundit claiming to be a Conservative, then a Liberal (provincial and federal ,he supported Kennedy for Leader, though not at the same time), a Green, a Dipper and back to a Conservative.

  1. Werner Patels Says:

    I have been saying it now for months on end: of all the leaders in Ottawa, Layton is the most reasonable, most common-sensical and most honorable leader out there, which is why he and the NDP deserve my vote next time — I won’t kid myself and predict an NDP government, but it would be nice if the NDP could become the official opposition and move up to second place in the HoC.

Heck he even announced support for the Labour Party in the UK. All these flip flops in a year!!!

Being a compulsive multi-blog-personality type, he produces numerous blogs which then disappear as his mood swings. Lucky there is always Google Cache to track him.

As I said he suffers from multiple-blog-personality syndrome.

Werner put the tinfoil hat back on and stay away from the microwave.

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Werner said...

Hi Eugene,

From what little I know about Patels it appears he is little more than a vicious gossip. He "drops in" on various political discussion groups, forums, or blogs and tries to provoke the maximum degree of hostility. He has no particular set of beliefs beyond his own desire for an audience at any cost. Perhaps if everyone recognized this and also that there is only ONE way to deal with an apparent sociopath and that is complete isolation. NO attempt at intellectual response will work.

Werner Patels said...

I am not surprised that the left would always condone the criminal, but attack the victim.

I had never written anything about that criminal (Rayner), but he came after me for some reason. I merely defended myself.

Anyway, the joke's over. The paperwork is all ready to go, and right after the long weekend, I am filing criminal charges against Rayner. He belongs in jail or a mental facility, and according to experts I have consulted, the evidence I have against him makes it an open and shut case.

Dr.Dawg said...

That last post would seem to constitute criminal harassment under the Criminal Code of Canada, Sections 264: "engage in threatening conduct directed at the other person."

My suggestion would be that Mr. Rayner have another chat with his RCMP contact.

Mike said...


Do it. Don't brag or threaten, just do it.

And if you don't, shut your fucking pie hole and never post again, because we all know you are a liar and an idiot.

You are pathetic. Get some help.

dirk buchholz said...

So Eugene you noticed also,Werner seems to be all over the political map.Its as if he is desperately trying to find a blog flavor that might attract a reader or two.His blog seems to change every week or so.One days he supports the NDP next the Libs now he seems to on a conservative rightwingish tack

Red Tory said...

Dirk — As a matter of fact, when I first “attacked” him it was precisely for that reason. Actually it was shortly after he clashed swords with Olaf and I did a little research into his past opinions and found much to my surprise that he had been at one time a staunch Liberal, then Conservative, but that had been part of some kooky “experiment” or mind game examining attitudes within the “inner circles” of different parties. Or so he said. I the time I wrote he had turned to the NDP as saviors of the country and so I called him the “Dipping Dilettante” and had a good chuckle over his effusive praise for Jack Layton and the NDP. He promptly banned me from his site, deleted my comments and threw up an angry post denouncing me and other Liberal bloggers as complete idiots.

People told me not to waste my time on him, but some time months later, I revisited his progress and found that he was no longer the “Calgary Dipper” but had become some sort of quasi-conservative. I made fun of some of his more risible pretensions about being an influential opinion maker, etc. and his “vast readership” and also mocked his blog radio program by offering up a transcript of it. When he hooked up with Partrick “Nexus of Assholery” it seems they both shared a burning desire to “out” people like me and Canadian Cynic who blog anonymously or pseudonymously so they could wreak some kind of humiliation on us for critical things we had written in the past. This is what he did the other day after I had earlier in the week blasted him out of sheer disgust for his reprehensibly shitty, contemptible, mean-spirited send-off of Olaf and then his pompous, sanctimonious post following that, oh and I lampooned of his post calling for “civility” and imposing all sorts of rules for people wishing to comment on his blog.

Today he stepped over the line of decency by publishing my personal e-mail used for business (rather than the one I give out to readers to contact me), by inviting people to go trolling through the graphics directory on my personal website (looking for what, I’m not sure), by encouraging people to visit my house and look me up where I live, and by offering up what he thought was a picture of my wife (in fact it’s just a friend).

So how exactly is HE the victim here? Yes, I’ve called him some nasty names, and I’ve ridiculed and mocked him… if those are criminal actions, then we’re all in a world of trouble folks.

So why did Werner feel it necessary to come here, of all places to make this information known? Wasn’t Eugene just accusing Werner of libeling HIM, and didn’t he refer to Werner as being a loon and “off his meds” (again), and didn’t he provide a long history of his own past documentation of Werner’s kooky behaviour as well as links to a bunch of other sites expressing disgust at his behaviour? That makes no sense at all.

Why did his all of his posts for the month of August suddenly disappear down the memory hole? If he has nothing to hide, then why the wholesale purging of his posts? Again, it makes no sense.

It seems once again he's had a meltdown, is boo-hooing about being the victim and is threatening to sue. He seems to have a long and storied track record of this kind of behaviour stretching back over many years. The outpouring of support I've received from across the political spectrum has benn quite remarkable, with almost completely unaminous opinion that Werner is, indeed, a kook. What this so-called "criminal" behaviour on my part is, I'd love to know. Time will tell, I guess.

M@ said...

I, for one, welcome Werner's new-found interest in ornithology.

I wonder whom the thinking elites of the nation will google, now that some of Werner's most important thoughts have been removed from the blog-o-land. I suppose they are lucky that the internet-o-sphere has such a long memory.

Balbulican said...

Werner's output in the past has consisted of roughly two kinds of post.

a) Werner's thoughts on politics, current events, arts, culture, and so on. These are fairly typical on line musings of a reasonably well informed, not very insightful, banal observer.

b) Werner's thoughts on blogs and blogging, which, for the most part, have consisted of instructions to other bloggers on such weighty matters as why they shouldn't use video on their sites, or Werner's dislike for certain bloggers, or Werner's enormous following outside blogdom. I quite enjoy those: I have a weakness for large, delusional egos, and confess that I occasionally egged him on.

Werner has now gone way over the line and revolted bloggers right across the political spectrum. Emptying the litter box ain't gonna cut it: bloggers remember. And despite his pretensions, his readership WAS bloggers (the notion that policy makers or media would find anything interesting in his inanities was one of his more amusing delusions.)

So I wonder who he imagines his new readership is going to be?

Mentarch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mentarch said...

Doh! I did not see that my post had been linked to already herein - sorry (and much appreciated) ;-)

Dr.Dawg said...


This guy is the gift that goes on giving. Someone who isn't banned should ask him where the June-July-August archives are. ROTFLMAO!!!

eugene plawiuk said...

Werner attacked me as well as you can see from the links. He also threatened to out me at work, and to call lawyers on me. He called me an idiot and other names, no biggee, but this behavior is repetitive.

He also joins political parties and political blog aggregatrors in order to infiltrate them and then use it to criticize those whom he originally claimed to sympathize with. As I have documented here.

He is a bi-polar blogger who appears to be suffering from what he accuses others of; a mental problem.

As we saw with his recent attacks, hence my post. Usually I try and ignore him,and find him occasionally entertaining when he is on that rare occasion; rationale .

However his recent attacks and staling of Red Tory combined with his self loathing and self deprecating comments about himself is the height of weirdness and I seriously think he seriously needs psychiatric help.

Before the cops and lawyers get to him.

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