Saturday, September 08, 2007

Pay Back II

The Harpocrites throw some crumbs to Calgary.

Calgary home to new mental health commission

In true Orwellian style it turns out that Calgary's advantage is;

"Calgary is the only major regional health authority in the country without a specialized psychiatric hospital, and that's actually an advantage."

More P O R K.

But wait the Alberta Advantage is at play here too, the idea of further private public delivery (P3) of services. More Medicare reform through the back door.

"The Alberta Mental Health Board is a unique structure, across the country, in terms of the way they look at mental health policy without actually delivering services. I think we can learn a lot from that," Kirby said Friday.
And of course since the government doesn't deliver services it waits for the community or market to create those services after the fact. First it and closed existing hospital beds, leaving folks to fend for themselves.

It has also gone further down the road in moving away form institutional care to more community-based programs, Kirby said.

Sure which has lead to this; homelessness.

And after all since Alberta is booming it makes sense to set it up here since;

Work Is A Danger To Your Mental Health

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1 comment:

Werner said...

Lots of things ae a danger to well being or should we just say our fram of mind. This Harper commission sounds like another excuse to bully weak people by calling personal problems, exacerbated by state policies, a disease. A little free advertising here Fighting the Myth of Mental Illness ... Next Round