Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pay Back

Now this; National Portrait Gallery to Move To Calgary: 'It's pork barrel politics' wouldn't have anything to do with this; Firestorm Erupting Over Bev Oda's Fundraisers would it?

Or perhaps it is as Jason Kenney said yesterday on Mike Duffy Live (CTV) that the new capital of Canada is in the West; Calgary. Perhaps he was confusing his capitals, financial and national. Though the Tories do treat Ottawa like it was in Alberta.

Or perhaps it was all about money after all, since building it in Calgary would be funded by a private investor. A P3 National Portrait Gallery, probably renamed the Encana National Portrait Gallery.

Showing that Encana has no hard feelings over that broken promise about Income Trusts.

Of course it was the NDP that exposed this nonsense about moving the NATIONAL Portrait Gallery from the Nations Capital. Because the New Government of Canada as usual failed to inform the public of its intentions.

Feds spend $100M to fix up cultural buildings

- The federal government will spend almost $100 million to repair the buildings housing five of its major cultural institutions in Ottawa-Gatineau but has warned them they must increasingly look towards getting money from the private sector.

Heritage Minister Bev Oda and Treasury Board President John Baird deliberately made their announcement Monday in the Canadian Museum of Nature, where a new $10-million fossil gallery has just opened with the help of a $2-million grant from Talisman Energy Inc.

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