Wednesday, November 07, 2007

BT Breaks Wind

Some Blogging Tories have finally spoken up about the Conservatives switcheroo on Capital Punishment and Clemency. One even made Don Newman's politics show. Gee I don't know how I missed his pithy comment, oh yeah it was in with four other pithy comments.

And Raphael Alexander has finally posted his article after leaving comments over at Scott's blog.

Two count 'em two BT's have finally commented on the 'big story' of the weekend. I guess the other's were too busy watching Fox News.

Still waiting for the Conservative parties official blog voice to speak up on this topic. While the other Steve is wrapped up in the Weblogs Awards.


Death Penalty For Whom

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Jarrett said...

I'm glad you respond to my pithy comments with your own pithy comments. I'm sure there's an irony in there that I'm missing.

Regarding the meat of your post, I'm sorry to disappoint you if my partisanship is somewhat less than total, but I comment on what interests me, not on partisan concerns for shoving stuff down the memory hole. I try to be original - that includes discussion topics- and if people are talking about something that reads far too much into the mundane, I'll say so.


SUZANNE said...

As a blogger who is often confused for a Blogging Tory, I would like to point out that I condemned the government's action.

Raphael Alexander said...

Eugene, I have no problem with disagreeing with you. What I have a problem with is your qualifying remarks that I am "trolling". This is a complete falsehood.

eugene plawiuk said...

Jarrett when I first looked over the BT site your header and intro did not directly refer to the clemency issue. It was sort of buried. It wasn't until Kady mentioned it on Don Newmans show that I found it by going to your site. Congrats on that bit of PR.
I guess I was being more ironic than critical. Your rebuff of Cherniak was well done.

Suzanne your pro-life principles challenge the law and order echo chamber and I did not think I implied you were a BT are you?
If so I am not sure how I missed your post, normally I see them on CBE.

Raphael point taken I have edited the article.

Thank you all for responding. Whether we agree or not.