Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Your Tax Dollars At Work

The Tired Old Tories,who believe that the party and the government are one and the same, are selling Ed Stelmach to the people of Alberta in a pre-election ploy using our tax dollars rather than the Conservative Party election bankroll in a slick ad campaign.

Heck if they want an image make-over the San Fransisco Stores did that for him at Halloween.

Helping drive the speculation of an early election are ads the government placed in newspapers during the weekend. "I made a commitment and I delivered," reads the quote from Stelmach in the full-page ad that looks like something the Conservative party would publish, right down to the blue and yellow colour scheme. Except that these ads were paid for by your tax dollars

The government has started an advertising blitz to sell the royalty plan. At the same time, a second layer of ads under the title A Report to Albertans is promoting the accomplishments of the premier since he took office 10 months ago.

Stelmach spokesman Paul Stanway says the $277,000 cost of the newspaper and radio campaign is actually a bargain compared to the price of province-wide mail-outs used in the past.

"I don't believe it's partisan," says Stanway. "It's clearly labelled as a report to Albertans, which is the normal communications that we have with Albertans three times a year."

"I think the decision was that it would have looked a bit like overkill if we'd done this advertising campaign and then also a full mail-out of the report to Albertans."

New Democrat Leader Brian Mason says the punchy slogans and Tory party colours in the newspaper ads leave the impression that the government is preparing for an early election.

"I think (Albertans) see them for what they are. Government propaganda, Conservative party propaganda that they're paying for."


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