Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Mike Nickel's Retirement Home

Rumour has it that defeated right wing City Councilor and Stickman Mike Nickel has a new retirement villa where he has hunkered down to lick his wounds.

A 10-by-13-metre concrete box lies under this half-century-old shed.
A 10-by-13-metre concrete box lies under this half-century-old shed.
It is the city bomb shelter.

Meanwhile his 'progressive' replacement at city hall has taken over Nickel's old office.....

If Iveson's fashion is a work in progress, his politics remain unclear yet, as well. As he escorts me down the councillor's wing to his office, he provides a possible clue.

"First door on the left," he says with a chuckle. Yet as he points out, it's the same office used by conservative Mike Nickel last term -- the same Nickel that Iveson toppled to many people's amazement on Oct. 15.

Theories were that Nickel cooked his own goose by being such a council contrarian last term. Conspiracy theorists blamed The Journal, or an underground left-wing movement. The most credible theory, though, is that Nickel's campaign was outworked by the youth and energy of Iveson's.


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Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

So with taxes going up between 8 and 80 percent this coming year, voters across the city are left wondering... without Nickel, who's going to put the brakes on ludicrous council expenses?

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