Thursday, February 14, 2008

Costing Promises

Liberals Tories same old stories; make plenty of spending promises but leave the calculator at home.

Plenty of Promises, but Little Accounting

The Liberals and Progressive Conservatives are proving least accountable with public dollars when it comes to slapping price tags on their big-spending election promises, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation argued Wednesday.

The NDP proved to be most transparent with expenditure commitments. The party has attached sticker prices on two of the four applicable spending promises to date, totalling more than $2.1 billion annually, with most of that allocated to a green energy fund.

Taxpayers federation wants answers for big promises
Feb, 13 2008 - 3:50 PM

EDMONTON - The Canadian Taxpayers' Federation wants to see the bottom line of all the political parties who it says are making big spending promises in Alberta's provincial election campaign.

The group says it wants cost breakdowns from all parties of what their spending announcements are going to cost taxpayers.

So far during the campaign the federation says, the Alberta Liberals have made 40 different spending announcements, but have only given a cost breakdown for one.

It says the Alberta Tories have made 15 announcements and the NDP 13. The group says the NDP has costed all but two of its promises.

Scott Hennig, a spokesman for the group, says either some of the parties aren't being straight with taxpayers about what their promises will cost, or they run the province into debt trying to fulfil them.

He says the competition to see who can spend the most would only push a provincial government closer to a deficit. Hennig says the promises made by many of the parties are so vague, it's impossible to independently figure out how much they would cost.


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