Thursday, February 14, 2008

Secularize the State

Voices: The Lord's Prayer
Toronto Star -
We asked if it was time to replace the Lord's Prayer in the Ontario Legislature with something that better reflects the province's diversity.
Ontario premier orders review of Lord's Prayer recital
Ont. mulls alternatives to prayer in legislature

No need for an alternative all inclusive prayer, if they wanted that they could have used any one of several Freemason prayers.

"And since sin has destroyed within us the first temple of purity and innocence, may they heavenly grace guide and assist us in rebuilding a second temple of reformation, and may the glory of this latter house be greater than the glory of the former."
- Masonic prayer

After all the modern state is a Masonic institution ,according to the conspiracy theories of the social conservative Christian right and their Islamic counterparts, And this 'great beast'; this Leviathan is supposedly a secular state at war with Christianity and Islam.

The best way to insure inclusiveness is to not have any prayer, since it would not include atheists, or agnostics to say nothing of pagans and wiccans who remain an anathema to the hegemonic Abrahamic religions. To be truly inclusive opening prayers should be eliminated by all levels of government.

The modern secular state was the aim and objective originally of the Masonic influenced forces of the bourgeois revolutions in America and France.
Richard J. Purcell's Connecticut in Transition, 1775-1818 (Washington~ 1918; reissued by Wesleyan in 1963) is the best published work. Purcell, who also wrote an American history text for use in Catholic parochial schools, emphasizes the religious differences among competing Protestant sects as an impetus toward the development of political parties, the disestablishment of the Congregational church, and the separation of church and state in the Constitution of 1818.
Despite the ahistorical objections of the powers that be.


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