Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ed's Facebook Page

Ed Stelmach doesn't have his own Facebook page....but he has a Facebook Fan Club which is formed by folks out in Toronto and Kingston, Ontario..... claiming Northern Alberta loves Ed....

The Ed Stelmach fan club
Organizations - Political Organizations
Because all of northern alberta loves steady Eddie.


Mathew Molsberry (Royal Military College of Canada)
Royal Military College of Canada '09
Kingston, ON
Director of Northern Alberta Relations
Daniel Muscat-Drago (Toronto, ON)
Director of Ghetto/Centenial relations
Max Riopelle (Royal Military College of Canada)
Director Ed Stelmach(visa ve Alberta)/Eastern Canada Relations

Stephen Paish (Royal Military College of Canada)

And it has 402 members not all of whom are Ed fans.....

Amber Kay (Simon Fraser) wrote
at 3:57pm yesterday
NARROW, I would describe narrow minded as selling your souls for a profit, a profit in which Albertans and Canadians don’t see because your wonderful premier won’t charge higher royalties!! Alberta has the lowest oil royalties in the world!! And the oil companies and the government have your balls in a vice because if you speak out to what you are entitled to, they will leave- very democratic of them, to bad your government won’t protect you! And what are you willing to sacrifice, because right now- its everything. Fresh water, air, and the lives of thousands of people- so if a human life is worth less then your job, then wow, what a sad state of affairs our world it is- and I believe we have your friend steady Eddie and the conservatives to thank.

Ivan Abelar wrote
at 11:26am yesterday
Such a narrow view Amber...Yes its hard on the enviroment but without Alberta's Economy Canada's economy we down the tubes. There are steps that still have to be taken for the good of the province but to much change will push oil companies out and thousands of people out of work and the ripple will be felt in all provinces. Even at simon fraser...

Amber Kay (Simon Fraser) wrote
at 6:49pm on February 15th, 2008
OMG- are you people slow!! Ed is a retard, sure he is great if you dont mind a guy who gives away Alberta resources, alows the WORLDS WORST NATURAL DISASTER to occur in your back yard, alow the oil companies to fuck every Albertan in the ass- and they dont even use lube!! So ya go Stelmach- cause ya, if you blind sheep keep voteing,then you will all continue to get screwed!! there is no Alberta advantage- and this group proves it

Oh dear seems like maybe this was not such a good idea...quick someone notify Tyler Shandro to sue these guys...they are doing more harm than good....Ed and the Tired Old Tories are internet challenged this election.


Ed's Ides of March

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