Sunday, February 17, 2008

Liberals Call For Strategic Voting

Tim Vant the invisible Liberal candidate in Edmonton Strathcona has good advise to voters and fellow Liberals.


Don't throw your vote away.

Seeing as he doesn't stand a snowballs chance in hell against the well organized NDP candidate Rachel Notley.

Reading on we discover that the Liberals are an environmentally friendly party; recycling old campaign strategies. Across the province they are calling for strategic voting...for them of course.

The Alberta Liberal Team is the only party with a realistic chance of taking power away from the Conservatives and bringing change after 37 years of tired Tory government. If you want change, Tim Vant needs your vote.

Except the only time they actually came close to beating the PC's was way, way, way, back in 1993. Under the leadership of a charismatic political feisty former Edmonton Mayor. And back then it was against a feisty, charismatic, former mayor of Calgary. Since then the Liberals have run every election with a new leaders, except this one which has Taft being recycled as Premier material. It gives new meaning to green politics.

And in Edmonton Strathcona formerly held by the NDP Party leader Raj Pannu, and with a candidate whose father was the first NDP MLA, and has name recognition, well the best strategy is vote for an NDP opposition.

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In fact "It Is Time" that Redmonton voted strategically; Vote NDP, for a strong opposition.


Sun Love In With NDP

Careful Of What You Ask For

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Gary Taje said...

Nice to hear of another libertarian socialist...that lable is not used much any more.
You may want to check your statement that Grant Notley was our first NDP MLA. Garth Turcotte of Pincher Creek won a byelection I believe in 1966. Garth represented Pincher Creek Crowsnest.

eugene plawiuk said...

I think libertarian socialist is less confusing than libertarian communist for some't know about Turcotte and he didn't last long in the house or he would have been leader...guess thats the point too Grant was the party leader when elected.

Blogging Horse said...

Liberal appeals to "strategic voting" are twaddle born of despiration most of the time.

But where it's absolutely criminal is when it's perpetrated in NDP areas of strength - as in Saskatchewan, BC and Oshawa - where it elects Conservatives again and again.

Besides, what's the point of voting for Liberals who are just going to pull and Emerson (or Commuzi, or Khan) or abstain once elected anyway?

janfromthebruce said...

We all know that voting strategically, is code for voting liberal in NDP leaning ridings.

That's why libs were so incested when last fed election, when we essentially reframed that strategy, to 'lend us your vote.'

Don't get fooled again.

Alberta Insider said...

The Libs can't even run a full slate!

Check this article -