Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In Quebec Everyone is a Nationalist

The Harpocrite is rasing the spectre of Quebec seperatism to denounce the Social Democratic Coalition of the Progressive Parties, that is the NDP, Libers and BQ. But wait everyone in Quebec is a nationalist, a soverignist a soft or hard seperatiste's. Including the right wing founders of the BQ like Lucien Bouchard who was a former Conservative Cabinet Minister in the Mulroney Government.

During the election even Liberal leader Stephae Dion squeeked that he too is a Quebec nationalist.

Heck the Governor General is a Quebecois nationalist, as is her husband.

Why so are the Francophone Ministers and back benchers in Harpers own government. Those who can barely speak a word of English, who speak only in French in Question Period. And of course there is always this Queberc Conservative MP; Denis Lebel Nationalist

And don't forget when the Harpocrites got into power last eelection they axed the Canadian Unity Council much to the joy of the BQ and PQ. Harpers Anti-Federalism

And thanks to the BQ the Harpocrites survived a potentioal confidence vote over the Soft Wood Lumber Trade deal. Between a Bloc and A Hard Place

So the strawman of Quebec seperatism is being used because the Harpocrites would not get any millage with calling the newly proposed coalition what it is a coalition of the Centre Left, a coalition of progressive parties, social democratic coalition, heck a socialist coalition.

Because the majority of Canadaians and Quebecois are social democrats. We are centre left, not centre right. And the BQ today is not the BQ of Lucien Bouchard, it is to the left of the Liberals like the NDP, and in some cases it is to the left even of the NDP.

The argument that the coalition is 'undemocratic' and somehow an attempt to overthrow the government is laughable. Of course poruging parliment during an economic crisis is far more undermocratic and an abdication of governance. But the Harpocrites have done it before, in order to kill the oppositions Environmental bill. Parliamentary Collapse

Harper is to be congratulated though on doing something that no-one ever expected would happen, he has done what Judy Rebick andher crowd at could not do, he has united the Left in Canada.
And now he is terrified.

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