Friday, September 08, 2006

Between a Bloc and A Hard Place

Bloc sees no alternative but to back softwood pact

I would suggest an alternative title; Conservatives survive thanks to Seperatists.
Or perhaps, Quebec First, Canada Last. Or even; Softheaded Poltics Save Harper. Or... well you get the idea.

So what is the deal the Tories will make the Bloc for their support inquiring minds want to know.

But the Bloc also wants the federal government to come up with a $390-million aide package to prop up the struggling industry.
''The question is not to say what is better for the Bloc but what is better for Quebec,'' Duceppe said.

Of course that is a cheap price to pay by the desperate Tories to gain back votes in that nation. However in this play for votes in Quebec, the Bloc has not only sold out Canada, but their own industry in Quebec. They come away with a pig in the poke.

The Bloc yesterday also pressed the Tories for more aid to the Quebec softwood industry, but did not make this a condition of voting for the deal. Mr. Bernier offered no promises of aid for the softwood sector, saying what forestry companies really want is their share of the $4-billion in refunded duties. "What industry asks us is to [get their] money back," he said. "That will be the best aid we can give to the industry."Bloc move assures softwood agreement will pass

Contrary to Mr. Duceppe's assertions its about what is best for Quebec it is what is best for positioning both the Bloc and the Tories in Quebec for votes. Its a sellout by anyother name, all for a bump in the polls. Shame, shame. NDP blasts Bloc for supporting Harper softwood sell-out

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