Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Alberta Cowboys Hijack Health Care

'Unsustainable' health-care system has to head federal election agenda: Klein

Yep and its the issue the NDP can run on since the Liberals have failed to protect us from privatization, and the Harper doesn't have so much as a hidden agenda on this but a silent one...he is letting Klein take the flack while remaining silent on what the Conservatives will do to protect health care from privatization....well shucks partner he will leave it up to the provinces of course....

Klein, Harper discuss private health care

Alberta Premier Ralph Klein may be following Quebec's lead in finding a solution to his province's health care woes, saying his government has hired a firm to examine whether insurance agencies would be willing to offer insurance for non-essential medical services.

“We're at point right now where we've hired a firm, a controversial firm undoubtedly, to do an assessment of whether people — as to whether there would be an insurance agency willing to accommodate people who wish to buy insurance for non-essential non-emergency services. That's where we are right now," Mr. Klein said.

Even before Mr. Klein flew out of Alberta, his scheduled three-day speaking tour raised the hackles of nervous provincial opposition politicians.

Alberta New Democrat leader Brian Mason has said the outspoken Premier's trip was like "putting a rodeo clown into a bull ring.

Be afraid, very afraid Canada, the agenda is clear, the right wing provincial governments in Alberta, Quebec and B.C. are pushing to privatize health care, and the Federal Liberals lack the backbone of Trudeau to get them in line.

And the Harper Conservatives will do nothing to halt the slide towards private medical insurance if they are elected. Harper doesn't have to have a hidden agenda over health care, he merely has to be like the Liberals, and fail to change the Canada Health Act to halt the provinces privatization putsch that King Klein calls the 'Third Way'.

These guys maybe clowning around but when it comes to public health care they are serious about dismantaling our system in favour of their corporate masters.

And in a coy move today King Klown Klein says he ain't the only one pushing the privatization putsch in Canada. No siree he has company.

Alberta not only health-care 'bogeyman': Klein

Quebec and B.C. have more private health care than Alberta, Premier Ralph Klein said Tuesday, underlining his view that it's unfair to paint him the "bogeyman" of health-care reform."You know, it's not unique to Alberta," Klein told an audience in Quebec City. "B.C.'s been doing the third way for some time, actually some doctors have been practising the third way or other ways for some time here in Quebec."

Yep thats the Three Amigos of Private Health Care in Canada, Charest, Campbell and Klein, with little Stephen Harper running around begging them not to say 'boo' until after the election. To late the biggest 'boo'gey man of the crew is out and about letting the cat out of the bag. And guess what its a popular message with corporate Canada.....surprize, surprize.....Alberta Premier gets standing ovations from business audience in Quebec

Simon Jean, who attended the lunch-hour address, said Quebec politicians are reluctant to talk about health care, because "they all know that it would be a good thing to put more in the private sector, in the health care industry, but they don't want to say it because they feel it's such a risk."

Our Ralph wows 'em in Quebec

Klein didn't go into detail in his speech about his plans for Alberta, but he told reporters afterward that he wants the federal government to give provinces the flexibility "to do what they deem the right thing to do."

And he said he wasn't concerned about the perception that his reforms might violate the Canada Health Act.

"We finally put in place a dispute resolution mechanism to make the determination as to whether a province is in fact violating the act, so let's put it to the test," he said.

Chamber president Pierre Dolbec, who wore a white Stetson while introducing Klein, applauded the premier for his courage.

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