Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hip Hop Gun Culture

Martin meets with black leaders from Toronto
`National crisis' facing youth, activists warn

Carnegie-Douglas predicted gun crimes would be an election issue, and blamed part of the problem on systemic racism. "We're saying, aren't the lives of young black men important to the leaders of this country, aren't their lives important to the rest of Canada? And should this not be a priority on everyone's agenda?" she said. "The fact that almost 50 young black men have died this summer is a crisis. That's a national crisis."

The problem isn't guns, hey we got a billion dollar boondoogle of a registry for that. The problem is the socio economic ghettoization of African Canadians in the housing complexes in Toronto. Thats the issue.

Guns are a symptom, like gas sniffing is in native communities in the North that are another example of failed social engineering projects of the Federal Government. The Social Welfare state is a failure, because it isolates non white communities, whether in the North or in Toronto, from the rest of the community, leaving them to fester into Clockwork Orange Droogievilles.

And far from being a national problem, its a local problem. In the rest of Canada the problem with the Hip Hop Gansta culture is its impact on middle class suburban drug gangs regadless of race or ethnicity.

Again instead of looking at legalizing drugs, and providing a real economic alternative to gangsta culture the right wing calls for more and tougher laws.
That didn't work before it won't work now. But what's scary is that folks will cling to any solution as long as it is immediate and gives them a sense of security, however false.

Pastor calls for 'war measures' to combat shootings

Rev. Al Bowen of the Abundant Life Assembly in the city's northwest corner said Torontonians may have to put up with "the toes of democracy . . . [being] stepped on" so that police have the tools they need to round up the killers of 18-year-old Amon Beckles and scores of other young men -- most of them black -- shot dead on the city's streets over the past several months.

Gee I hate to remind the good pastor that it was a Christian who killed a Christian in his church over bling bling.....but hey never mind that lets just call for more cops and more power for cops......

Yep these right wingers have only one solution for social problems more laws to trample our rights, more cops, and more jail time. This is the same BS that the families of the slain RCMP officers in Alberta have also been lobbying for. And against the legalization of marijuana.

RCMP family members call for justice reform

Schiemann, a Lutheran pastor, says Canada's justice system is flawed in that it allows dangerous offenders to serve concurrent sentences and be freed on statutory release.

"It has gotten to the point where we are asking that if our law enforcement officers are not safe while they are doing their jobs, how safe are you?" he said. "There needs to be punitive justice and protective justice for our society."

Schiemann and the other family members are calling for a complete review of parole criteria and sentencing criteria.

Among the measures they would like to see brought in are:

  • consecutive, rather than concurrent sentencing;
  • minimum sentences for drug offences and crimes against law enforcement officers; and
  • a three-strike rule for drug offences, crimes against law enforcement officers or any combination of the two.

Schiemann also called on the federal government to scrap Bill C-17, the bill that proposes to decriminalize pot possession under 15 grams so that arrests would result in only a fine and not jail time.

The bill will simply encourage more marijuana grow operations, Schiemann says.

And THATS the national issue, that brings Toronto together with Alberta, the gangsta hip hop culture could not exist as a viable economic market with the legalization of ALL DRUGS.

Vancouver mayor encourages new drug strategy
"Addiction is a health problem, a health issue and not a criminal issue," he told the committee, urging politicians not to get "hung up" on the possible introduction of safe injection sites (already set up in about 40 cities around the world).

Without the lucrative market in drugs in the Ghettos of the USA there would not be the gangsta culture of Hip Hop. A culture that is dominant in both the African Canadian ghettos of Toronto, and in the ethnic suburbs of the rest of Canada, as non white kids identify regardless of socio economic status with ghetto black culture imported from the US.

Extra officers for cities to fight gangs
Police say there are forty different gangs operating in Saskatchewan – from large "national" syndicates to small localized outfits. They say gangs are almost exclusively behind the illicit drug trade and most property crimes, and crimes of violence can be linked to criminal organizations.

Now leaders in the communtiy are calling for a ban on Hip Hop culture, which will only make the outlaws even more attractive.
MP wants rapper 50 Cent banned for gun violence

The problem is that the only economic driver in both Toronto's African Canadian community, in the urban native gangs, and in the ethnic gangs in Canada is drugs.
Hip Hop gangsta culture is just a glorification of this .

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