Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Never Say Never, say Homophobes

Opponents unite to fight gay marriage
Ontario MP Pat O'Brien - who resigned as a Liberal this year over the legalization of gay marriage - announced Tuesday that he has founded Defend Marriage Canada with a Conservative ally. He and ex-Tory MP Grant Hill say the group will raise money, publish letters, and lobby voters to elect candidates who oppose same-sex marriage.

Here is the the indefeatable optimism of the reactionary right wing and its stupid belief that marriage is a sacred institution rather than a property relationship. Once again those defeated last spring when Canada accepted same sex marriage want to make it an issue in the upcoming election. Along with their fundamentalist allies of various monthiestic faiths, though predominately the evangelical fundamentalist christian sects, who have attempted to take over the Conservative party with anti-gay candidates, these guys just don't give up, nor do they get it. Its the law stupid nothing you can do can change that.

"This is very rigidly a non-partisan campaign," said O'Brien, who now sits as an Independent MP and is not running for re-election

Rigid is right, now clear that thought out of your mind thats not what I meant. Rigid as in implaccable, dogmatic, conservative. And just how non partisan is this lobby campaign?

"But I can't help but take a moment and commend the leader of the Opposition - Mr. Harper - for indicating his openness to having a true free vote."

Hill added adamantly that Defend Marriage Canada will not work for any particular party. He also said the group plans to run a positive campaign.

"We won't be campaigning against anyone. We'll in fact be campaigning for individuals (who oppose same-sex marriage).

A campaign to deny human and civil rights to a minority group because of your religious intolerance is defined as 'positive'. Yep Orwell would be proud.

Give it up the law is the law, this is a non-issue, even in the tiny dinosaur brain of King Ralph. And speaking of dionsaurs that is exactly what Grant Hill is.

Hill, an Alberta MP who was the interim leader of the new Conservative party, retired from politics before the 2004 election.

He has returned to practising medicine. He made news recently when he reiterated his belief that homosexuals spread disease.

Hill has also stated his belief that homosexuals allow themselves to be gay and could choose to stop their behaviour.

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