Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bad Mining Companies

Another Canadian Mining company again cuts corners and costs in order to make a profit at the expense of the environment, its workers and the community. As my mother says 'haste makes waste', and with gold stocks rising on speculation of a rise in the price of gold, we can expect more of this. Fed Printing Press Fueling Gold $500

And its not like this kind of spill hasn't happened before, the last time Cambior poisioned a river in Guyana.

Leak at Cambior mine in Suriname -no pollution but output cut

Reports say that work at the site later resumed at reduced tonnage and that the leak of ore and water laced with cyanide was contained within the site and had no impact on the environment.
The leak bears stark similarities to another incident involving Cambior Inc, when its Omai Gold Mines Limited tailings dam collapsed in Guyana and spilled 3.2 million cubic metres of cyanide-tainted waste into the Omai River and then into the country's largest river, the Essequibo. The mine is in the Brokopondo district, some 80 km south of Paramaribo. The concession measures some 170 km² and is bordered by the Suriname River, the Saramacca River in the West and the Van Blommenstein reservoir in the South. Already, the Suriname media, recalling the huge disaster in Guyana, has warned the authorities in Paramaribo to take extra precautions and monitor the company's operations. Cambior's gold mining operations in Guyana came to an end earlier this year.

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