Friday, December 30, 2005

Edmonton East Seperatiste

Well it turns out the if the Liberals win a minority government on January 23 Conservatives in Edmonton East under Peter Goldring will lead the charge for Alberta to leave Canada.

You see in the world of Blogging Tory's the majority come from Alberta, very few from the Maritimes, a handful from Ontario and the Rest of the Prairies, none from Inuvik and one or two from Quebec. And many from Alberta are supporters of Alberta Seperatism. They have links on their blogs to the Seperatist alliance in Alberta.

Bouguets of Gray has discovered that perennial right wing candidate for any position that is open, Gordon Stamp is not only Peter Goldrings campaign manager, but is the mysterious Conservative Alberta Seperatist known in the Blogosphere as 'Psycho'. The term seems self deprecating for Gord. Unless you know him. He has run for election since his time at the U of A. 30 years or so ago. But rather than Psycho he should have called himself Loser, which reflects his electoral successes.

Now as an Alberta Seperatist he can use the sobriquet Sore Loser.

But I firmly believe that if the Liberals stay in power - it is all over. I am just trying to educate everyone that now is NOT the time to pretend Albertans will live under a corrupt and immoral Liberal government...

Attention Edmonton East Candidates time to call Goldring on his loyalty to Canada, make him take the oath that his leader couldn't.


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