Friday, December 30, 2005

Anders Redux

While the Liberals have their Klander, the Conservatives have Rob Anders their rogue rightwhingnutbar extrodinare. My Blahg has commented on this as well, with more stupid quotes from Anders.

So has The Sir Robert Bond Papers:
Now compare Klander to say a Rob Anders, or even a Stephen Harper, and you can see the fundamental difference between Liberals and the Conservatives - the Reform-a-Tories - the Connies.

Klander resigns, likely before he was fired.

Anders? Well, the guy who still thinks that Nelson Mandela is a terrorist, the guy who was too chickenshit to take Mandela's phone, the guy who is spreading anti-gay propaganda in other ridings besides his own?

Anders is a star Conservative candidate.

And Stephen Taylor's blog is remarkably silent on the entire affair of Mr. Anders and his current campaign activities.

Compare that to the number of Liberal blogs that have denounced Klander.

James Bowie and Jason Cherniak continue the expose and documentation on why Calgary West deserves better than Anders.

Now these lads are blogging Liberals however, pardon the pun, most right thinking, level headed Conservatives are outraged by Anders comments and antics as well as his failure to represent his riding.


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