Friday, December 30, 2005

Harper in Transit

Stephen Harper, who acknowledges he rarely uses public transit, said he would bring in a 16-per-cent federal tax credit for transit users who buy monthly or annual passes. The average savings per person would be $153 annually, he said.

He definitely doesn't take the bus in Edmonton where monthly bus passes are $60. Annually that is $720 forked out for transit. And he is going to give me a measly 16% tax break.

That's a big $115.20 tax rebate, nothing, zip, heck thats two months transit out of twelve and I still have to pay GST on top of the bus pass cost. Heck I would get more than that in tax breaks if I was an Alberta Oil Company.

And while he is making tax break announcements how about a tax break on mortgage interest payments? Still waiting to hear about that one. Or if I can get a tax break on my PDA or lap top cause they are workplace tools.


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