Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Nationalize the Oil Industry

Yep that was a question in tonights french language leaders debate. More than one NDP candidate to the left of Layton and the party war room has called for it during this election.NDP candidate wants government control of big companies, oil-gas industry Hurrah.

And Layton side steps the question.

There's nothing like the big oil companies to get Canadian politicians twitchy. Mind you, Jack Layton does not like to be reminded that one of his candidates wants to nationalize the big oil companies. That is going a bit far for a comfortably squishy New Democrat; taxing is one thing, but nationalizing, no, not today.

Still Layton and Gilles Duceppe are fast to support public transit and stop tax gifts to the oil companies. That's where the line gets drawn in the debate, at least on that subject. Paul Martin and Stephen Harper are not going to get into any rough talk about the oil companies. Instead they agree on Martin's soft promise of "other options" to settle Canada's energy problems. —JG

Duceppe says the Harper gave billions and will give billions more in tax breaks to Big Oil. Good shot. Duceppe says BQ called for subsidizing gas for the poor, workers, truckers, taxi cab drivers, by eliminating tax breaks to Big Oil. Asked if he believes the Market controls oil prices, wait for it, Martin says Non.

Ok so who does? Why the state of course. Harper says the provincial state....but the state none the less....so why not nationalize it under worker and community control?

No real answer here as to why we shouldn't. Just good old capitalist apologetics and fear of Alberta's NEP hysterics.

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