Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Duffy Slaps Out Duffy

On the post Leaders Debate show on CTV John Duffy claimed that the Liberal attack ad which claimed that Harper would use the Military to Occupy Canadians cities, ala Pinochet, had been dropped. It still got Harper all upset.

Liberals release new series of attack ads
One of the ads however, suggesting Harper would put military personnel in Canadian cities, was later pulled, with the Liberal Party saying the ad had been circulated in error.

Harper spent more time on that in his post debate scrum than on the debate. Duffy, John tried to talk about something else, anything else when confronted about the ad by Duffy, Mike. Not important lets talk about soemthing else sez Duffy to Duffy. But Duffy, Mike gets upset and says it is news and news is his job as a journalist and then he lets the cat outta the bag.

During a break apparently Duffy, John, Liberal hack, told Duffy, Mike, CTV hack, not to talk about the ad. In fact during the on air discussion, Duffy, Mike, got red in the face and bitchslapped Duffy, John, on national TV saying that his dismisal of the ad as no big deal, not newsworthy, was an out and out lie, and that he had tried to pressure Mike not to talk about it. Wow. That should give Blogging Tory's pause. Here was usually pro-Liberal Duffy, Mike, attacking Liberal official Duffy, John.

When is an ad not an ad. Well according to John when it isn't bought and paid for and aired. This particular ad, part of a series of them, was posted on the Liberal website for all of us to view, and on CTV. So when is it not an ad, when it is like a draft document, or some plans you don't release says Duffy, John. Well not quite there John boy. The ad ran. On the internet. Thats advertising. See just check all those pop ups. Thats advertising too. So yes you did run it. Even for a few hours or a day , its an ad.


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