Monday, January 16, 2006

Afghanistan; Americas Shame Canada's Tragedy

After 9/11 the Americans went in for a shock and awe campaign Afghanistan. One of the smallest armed forces intrusions in American history, using CIA black ops and local Afghan warlords, supplemented by air bombardment.

They forced the Taliban out of the Capital, into their old stomping grounds of Kandahar. They estalbished an former Uncol Oil director as President in Kabul.
Yankee, bin Laden Jehads & Devastation of Afghanistan

They reinforced their lack of troop engagement with NATO forces including Canada. But all under the American Task Force leadership.

Then they withdrew to invade Iraq their original objective. Afghanistan was a side trip on the way to Baghdad.

Today our troops are in Kandahar, facing a very real threat, left there by the Americans whose sole mission after securing the capital was search and destroy missions looking for Bin Laden.
Taliban support strong in region of blast

Opium production is increased 240% from when the Americans invaded.UN Report Highlights Afghan Opium Problem

Teachers are being killed for teaching girls.
Afghan school set fire by suspected Taliban

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Women still wear their Burkhas in Afghanistan.

And while they may have more women MP's in the new parliment, the society is chauvinist, sexist and misogynist.
Women in Afghanistan

Kabul is the only safe spot, sort of, in the country.

Bin Laden is at large and the Taliban control the region around Kandahar and are at war with the Afghanistan puppet government and the NATO forces which includes Canadian Troops.

The extraordinary folly of Britain's new opium war
The decision to send thousands of troops to Afghanistan is the half-baked product of Tony Blair's global machismo

And Canadians and Canadian troops are in our first fledged war since Korea. For what? To protect the oil companies that want Afghanistan as a transportation route. To protect the narco economy of Afghanistan?

This is what oil democracy looks like.
This is what Iraq will look like after the Americans leave at the end of this year.

Oh you didn't know they were leaving. Sure they are. All the false Bravado of Bush, the writing was on the wall years ago. They know they overstayed their welcome. They have a time table and pushed it for the past two years. The troops will be coming home at the end of the this year.

Focusing on 'Success' In Iraq

By Brent Scowcroft

Washington Post Monday, January 16, 2006

This could be accomplished through several steps designed to eventually make the foreign presence in Iraq more advisory in nature and more international in character, in ways resembling the course the United States has pursued in Afghanistan. The United Nations could be asked to assume a greater role in providing a more ecumenical political umbrella and expertise in building and coordinating institutions, programs and structures. After all, the United Nations played a significant role after the demise of Saddam Hussein's regime, until a bomb explosion prompted its exit from the country. The coalition forces are themselves in Iraq pursuant to a Security Council resolution. And U.N. personnel figured prominently in managing the recent parliamentary election. A U.N. presence of such magnitude, however, would require a dedicated security force, to prevent a repetition of the 2003 tragedy.

Afghanistan is the model of American Nation Building, invade, put in a puppet regime, leave. Let the chips fall where they may and some one else can clean it up. In which case it is our troops. In Afghanistan. Armed. In the Cities.Fighting the Taliban. For America.
Afghanistan President Urges West to Stay

While Americans buy DVD's, watch American Idol, get overweight, and allow others to fight their phony war on terror. September 11, Terror War, and Blowback

Remember better the war be over there than at home in America.

The latest deaths of Canadians in Afghanistan proves Jack Layton right. No more Canadian troops to Afghanistan, Layton says

Peninsula On-line
Attack reminds soldiers of their mission's risks
Globe and Mail - 2 hours ago
The high risk of Canada's bold new mission in Afghanistan hit home yesterday after an apparent suicide attack killed a diplomat and injured three soldiers in Kandahar.
Taliban support strong in region of blast Vancouver Sun (subscription)
Update 5: Canada Envoy Among 3 Dead in Afghan Attack Forbes
Special Broadcasting Service - Los Angeles Times - - Free Internet Press - all 384 related »

CBC News
Veteran envoy volunteered for arduous, risky post
Ottawa Citizen - 1 hour ago
Glyn Berry, who was killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan yesterday, was acutely aware of the risks he took as Canada's senior diplomat in the southern city of Kandahar.
Afghan President expresses regret over Canadian diplomat's death ABC Asia Pacific
Canadian diplomat killed in Afghanistan attack GEO


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